Amazing Person!

“Coach Ramo is an amazing person! His technique in training, coaching, and mentoring is not only something that is valued on the field but in your personal life as well. He understands that each individual player has their own style and coach Ramo has no problem extracting that from the player and develop them into who they are.  He will  hold players accountable for homework that is assigned during training sessions, my daughter enjoyed every session.”

Growth didn't Happen Overnight!

Our daughter was part of Coach Ramos TCRS 1 v 1 training from 2013-2018. With the expertise and enthusiastic passion that he shares through his teachings, he developed our daughter’s level of play as a midfielder, defender, and forward. With his 1v1 support to develop our daughter’s growth came success but it didn’t happen overnight. In fact, she needed support in the technical part of the game and reached it over time to improve her game. 

In my opinion, over the years and experiences, success attracts attention to programs that work. His leadership and our longevity with Rush shows that patience over time has been worth the journey and reason to continue to receive training for our daughter. As a result, she experienced while training with coach Ramo, earning one of the highest honors on her team as team captain, Making Varsity and starting as a Freshman at Oak Hills High School (currently a D2 team) in Southern California, earning All-League in her HS Soccer Career, Captain for consecutive years in both Club Soccer and High School Team, State Cup Championship and 1st place ranking in Club soccer while competing in Flight 1 in the SCDSL League and last winning CIF State Championships her senior year in HS. 

Unfortunately, her soccer career ended her senior year in HS due to knee injuries but remained captain to be there to support her team. There’s no doubt in my mind that if she was healthy and able to play in the sport she would have played at the next level because of her accomplishments in the sport under Ramo’s direction to develop her game. 

Lastly and most important Coach Ramo prepared her for life after soccer and the discipline plus determination needed to sustain growth outside of the sport. She just recently completed her freshman year at San Diego State University earning a 4.0 in her studies and hopes to one day become a teacher to impact others’ lives as hers has been impacted through Coach Ramo’s training. He’s most certainly worth the investment in your players’ developmental soccer or life journey.

John and Lupe Bike - So Cal Rush Victorville, CA
Gabby Bike

Thank you from the Campbells!

We appreciate Coach Ramo beyond words. However, when we think of Coach Ramo, player development and passion for the game of soccer come to mind. He is passionate about soccer and shares his love for the game with others all over the world. Anita and I are very grateful for his leadership and tutelage of our children. When he talks about the game, his eyes light up! You can’t help, but to get excited about it as well. Ramo commits countless time and energy into helping young people in their development of the game as players. All three of our children have had the opportunity of being coached by Ramo. He would help them learn technical skills during practices and teach them during the game to focus on the play of the game. He helped players to see how soccer was more than just 2 days a week of kicking the ball around. Players had to put in time outside practices and games. They had to put in extra time on their own touching the ball, juggling, and studying the game.  When Ramo brought his TCSR Academy to SoCal Rush, he provided an opportunity for players to become students of the game, both technically and tactically. He would have them focus on drills, juggles, and knowledge of the beautiful game. They would have a notebook where they journaled drills, keeping track of their practices of drills and juggling at home. Being part of TCSR was a commitment. Not doing homework was not an option!  He helped them to see that if they wanted to be better, they had to put in time and energy.

Not only has Ramo had an impact on the lives of our 3 children, but he has also become a friend of the family. Even though Ramo is no longer coaching our children, we still seek his advice when it comes to soccer.  We have had many conversations with Ramo as we had to make decisions for our son Anthony to go to a Developmental Academy team and our daughter Tiara to join an ECNL team. Tiara will be starting her senior year of high school and looking to possibly play soccer in college. Our oldest daughter, Mikayla, is currently a junior in college and received a scholarship to play soccer.

Even though Ramo is no longer in the same town or state, we know the world of soccer is small. He is only a phone call or text away. We are so thankful for Ramo’s willingness to share his knowledge and passion of the game. We know that he will continue to impact the lives of soccer players and their families. Thank you, Ramo, for being a coach and a friend!

Michael, Anita, Mikayla, Tiara and Anthony Campbell
Mikayla: Cal State Fullerton & Montana State University


 My daughter's name is Melody AKA (Mello) we first met coach Ramo 7 years ago Mello was 11 then
. She joined TCSR training, they worked on and off the field. So many life lessons & the skills he taught her are so awesome.  I can honestly say it was the best training and I would recommend Coach Ramos TCSR training to anyone who wants to improve there game.
Thank You Ramo

Margie, Melody Landphear's Mom
Class 2020 - Melody Cal State Los Angeles

Thomas Share's Journey with Ramo

My son Tommy started with TCSR when he was just about to turn 10 years old.  After years of trying different sports, basketball, flag football, baseball, swim and a black belt in Karate, he had asked us to try soccer.  After one fall season and Allstars, he begged to go to “Club” soccer. As we do not come from a “soccer” family, our son had not been born with any natural soccer ability, but he sure loved the beautiful game. So in January 2014, we took Tommy to Club.

It didn’t take long to see that he was far behind most of these kids.  He did not know even the basics of how to correctly dribble or pass the ball.  But he was insistent that Soccer was going to be his game. Luckily, after a few weeks, we heard of one of the Coaches that was running training on the side and we met Coach Ramo and his TCSR program.  

I think Coach Ramo almost cried when he assessed my son’s skills at their first meeting.  He was very clear that some of the training would be boring, repetitive, and often it was, but Ramo took on the challenge of teaching this kid from the beginning and Tommy took on the challenge of putting his soccer training first.  Tommy had to keep a notebook and would be assigned a move to practice over and over until he mastered it. We would sit in the front yard and count hundreds, even thousands of his moves as he repeated his soccer homework as assigned.  There were days that he wouldn’t want to go out and practice but our agreement was that he had to put the work in if we were going to put all our time (and money!) into club soccer.


Fast forward 5 and half years.  Tommy has become a solid, if not one of the stronger players on his club team.  He can play just about every position proficiently. He started Varsity as a Freshman at school and I have two other High School Coaches hounding me to bring him to their schools for the remainder of his High School years.  I sincerely believe that we owe much of the credit for his skills and continued love of the game, to Coach Ramo and his TCSR program.

Christa Shore. Tommy's Mom

Christa Shore



I met Coach Ramo when I was 9. The very first training day he asked the players to juggle the ball. I could only do 2 maybe 3 before I messed up! He explained to me how important juggling and all the drills he had us do( over and over and over) were and to keep a journal on all those drills. Now I warm up with 1000 juggles . If I ever showed up to training without my journal or without all my homework completed, Coach Ramo has a favorite tree about 150 yards away that I would be sprinting to and back!!! To this day I keep a journal of the drills I do daily! Without Coach Ramo Teaching me all those drills and having me keep a journal I would not be where I am today. I am now 14 and play for a 2003 USSDA team. We just had our evaluations from our coach and he told me I am the best technical/tactical player on the team. I owe all that to Coach Ramo and TCSR Training. He is not only a great coach/trainer but a great friend who comes over to my house so I can beat him in FIFA on the X Box!!!!!!

Thank You Coach Ramo

Hunter Talak

Instrumental for my technique

"Coach Badohoun was instrumental in helping me develop a sound technical base as a young soccer player in Alaska. He is a very knowledgeable coach and has a great passion for the game."

Kelly Cobb - Class 2011
Duke University

Ramo’s impact

Ramo’s impact on me as a player cannot be measured. My name is Jaden Mustacchio and I am a High School senior who is a commit to the University of California, Santa Cruz. I first met Ramo my freshman year in an advanced preseason camp that was hosted at my High School. On day one of the camp, I knew he was a special coach with a ridiculous amount of knowledge and passion for the game. He helped me take massive strides as a player, through his superior technical, tactical and physical training techniques. He showed me to take every game, practice and training exercise seriously, but he made sure and reminded me to always enjoy the game. The intensity of his camps never disappoint, they helped me in every way as a player and prepared me for any situation on the field. Ramo is not only a phenomenal coach, he is a great person, that is easy to get along with which makes his coaching that much more enjoyable and effective. He played a big role in getting me to the next level and I cannot thank him enough. It is with pleasure and honor I recommend Ramo to any player that is seeking to be better.


Thanks for the opportunity

My name is Kevin Barry, and I have played for several clubs and organizations for competitive sports since an early age. One of my biggest opportunities however, came when I was 16 years of age, when I was recruited to play in a French division in Boulogne France. This opportunity only arose thanks to the help of a man named Ramo Badohoun. Ramo found me in Anchorage Alaska, where he then trained me for nearly a year prepping me for the level of European play, during which he set up meetings with clubs and organizations for me to have the chance to full fill my dreams as a soccer player. Ramo also arranged air fair, transportation methods, and living conditions. Finally after a year of training under TCSR Academy, led and created by Ramo himself, Ramo accompanied to Europe never leaving my side as I began my journey as a European prospect. Regardless of talent or character, I can honestly say my time spent on my trip was only successful thanks to the training, dedication, loyalty, and over all concern for my well being and career Ramo exemplified for me. Up until the club chose to take me in as a player and make a permanent home for me, Ramo never once left my side. Through out my stay in France I not only had a wonderful time enjoying a new country and all it had to offer but my level of play as a soccer player grew substantially. The level of play compared to that of the U.S was far more superior. Not only was the level of play faster, stronger, more passionate but the level of professionalism I received as far as coaching staff, personal training, and field conditions. Due to the level of commitment Ramo displayed in his connections, I had everything a young athlete could have ever wanted. Ramo also allowed me to stay with his family for the duration of my stay in Europe. Through out this entire process Ramo simply did this out of the kindness of his heart, never asking for anything except for my dedication and simply my best. Due to this experience my overall play was drastically improved, there has been no comparison to the level of college soccer or club ball in my life to the experience of that in Europe. This all transpired at the age of 16 for me. I am proud to say that Ramo has not only been a coach for me but a mentor through out my life not only as a soccer player but for my personal life and the growth of a young man as well. Ramo has help to mold my character and has always taught me to stay humble, regardless of the out come. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, and that can constitute on or off the field. In your daily lives or in the class room, or simply on the field. I can openly say I have made mistakes in my life, that is just simply a part of life. However, I cant ever recall a time I wasn't able to pick up the phone and call Ramo. Whether he was my coach, or just as a friend, he always answered and always had an answer for me. By joining TCSR Academy, you not only step into an atmosphere of the soccer life and that of those who share the same level of passion for the game as you may, but into a family as well. For every young boy or girl who has ever had a dream of being something more or has dreamed of what they would do if they just had an opportunity, well Ramo can give you that opportunity, if you can give the devotion it may take to get their.  I am proud to say Ramo has been a coach a mentor but, most importantly my friend.

Personally like to thank Ramo Badohoun

I would personally like to thank Ramo Badohoun for everything he has done for me in my life. I have known Ramo for almost a decade now and consider him a life long brother and best friend. I was the first member of Ramo's TCSR Academy when he started the club back in Alaska. He helped prepare me not only for excellence in the sport of soccer, but also provided a guiding hand when it came to make the correct life choices. It was never just about soccer for Ramo, but more about creating a bond that would last long after my soccer career ended. I've played on two international soccer tournaments with Ramo as coach. Both tournaments were located in France and provided a wealth of knowledge and experience that I will always be able to use. Aside from club level coaching, Ramo was also my collegiate coach at Eastern Nazarene College for three years. The three years of guidance under Ramo were integral to my maturation process as not only a soccer player, but also as a man. Ramo's philosophies and teachings have aided me in more ways than can be described. I am deeply thankful that God has blessed me with such an important male figure in my life and I know that Ramo and I will continue to be great friends throughout the rest of life. Thank you very much Ramo.


I first met Ramo in the summer of 2007 when we both started working as assistant coaches for the Eastern Nazarene Women's soccer team.
Right from the off I knew that this was one of the most uplifting positive and fun loving characters that I had ever met in my life.
Ramo has a tremendous uplifting feel about him and he inspires people to do better. That is something I communicated to my eldest son when Ramo recruited him to play soccer at ENC. You cannot help but feel good about things when you are in Ramo's company which along with his considerable skills as a coach and teacher of the game is the reason I had my high school team do preseason workouts with him.
His love of the game is second to none and he lives to share that love and pass it onto the players he coaches.
I feel blessed to have both worked and played with Ramo and very blessed to be able to call him a friend.
Mark Spendlove
Quincy High School Mass, Boys Varsity Soccer Coach

"Never be able to repay Ramo"

I met Ramo back when I was a freshman in high school. One of my friends convinced me to try out for the club team he was in charge of and Ramo ended up accepting me onto his TCSR club team. That spring I felt like I had learned more about my position in soccer than I ever had before because Ramo was able to provide a training routine that was used overseas in Europe which was a nice change from a lot of the American training I had received. Moving ahead to my sophomore spring of high school Ramo gave me the opportunity to go and play in the international tournament of Talence in France with him and a team that he hand picked. While we did not do very well due to the fact that we were just outplayed by professional youth academies, it was easily the single most eye opening event I've had in my soccer career to date. We spent the week in France which allowed us to take in some of the culture. The only downside to the trip was paying to go to bathrooms in the local downtown areas haha. Overall, the week outside of soccer was a great experience with an even greater group of guys from across the US from Alaska to Nevada to Massachusetts and more. The tournament itself lasted a weekend. There were 3 games a day and did get worked. The way the other teams were able to move the ball and keep up a high speed of play just blew my mind at that point when I was 16. It showed me how far behind I actually was to accomplishing my dreams and drove my desire to better myself even more. Sadly an injury kept me out for the last two games of the tournament. After that the TCSR club didn't last much longer and Ramo and I kept in touch through the years until it was my senior year of high school. At that point he had acquired the head coaching position at Eastern Nazarence College and he was recruiting me. He was successful and I chose to go to ENC to have Ramo train me more like he used to. The first season here was pretty rough as about fifty percent of the team were freshmen. We were talented but were we were not mentally prepared for what was about to come. We thought we were going to take the league by storm and it was the opposite. But Ramo didn't lose faith in us and we finished off the season looking forward to the next one. This past season Ramo was able to coach us to the school's first playoff birth in ten years. We beat many of our rival teams and got some wins that ruined some perfect records which was so sweet. It was unfortunate that we had to lose Ramo going into this next season and the transition will be difficult for many of us as Ramo recruited a lot of us from personal experience. I am very close to being 20 now and in the five years that I've known Ramo, I can honestly say that these past five years have been some of the best soccer years of my life. They have had their ups and downs but through it all Ramo was still able to wear a smile through all of it and it translated to each team I've been on with him as coach. I will probably never be able to repay Ramo for all he has done for me and my soccer career to this point but I hope that someday I can. His coaching techniques are out of the norm and his knowledge of the game and experience in it are superior to a lot of other coaches in the US. I hope that someday I may be able to play for him again, even if it for in a mens Rec team or something of that sort. He has not only been a coach but a great friend. The experiences I've had with him in soccer have definitely influenced me as a person on and off the field and I am forever thankful that I chose to listen to my friend and try out for his club team that freshman year of high school.

Thank you Ramo

My name is Bri Randall and I am currently a freshman at Regis University in Denver, Colorado. I met Coach Ramo when he coached a clinic at my high school. Ramo improved my technical abilities on the field, but more importantly he improved my mental capabilities when it came to goalkeeping. He taught me to be fearless, but technically sound. His impact on my play allowed me to be recruited to a great university and his lessons have stayed with me to this day. Ramo is a great coach who is willing to go the extra mile to affect players on a personal level. Thank you Ramo for helping me reach my goals.

What can be said about Coach Ramo-

I first met Coach Ramo at the age of 14, when I was attending a locally competitive summer soccer camp. I later had the privilege of having Ramo train my high school squad during the intense preseason weeks. On both occasions, my experience with Coach Ramo was so positive and beneficial, that I began to attend his individual training sessions. Although I had to get a part-time job to pay for theses sessions, training individually with Ramo was completely worth it! He help me improve, not only in my technical ability, but in my mental and tactical skills as well. He was also really fun to hang out with.

I became so confident in Ramo's coaching abilities that I left my home town in Nevada to attend college in Massachusetts, where Ramo was coaching. Under Ramo's coaching, I elevated my game, for he helped me improve my speed of play and bolster my long range shot. Statistically speaking, I had my best college soccer season under Coach Ramo.

The thing about Ramo, however, is that he goes beyond being a mere soccer coach. Yes, he loves the game, and of course he's passionate about coaching, but what really sets Coach Ramo apart from any of the other 15+ coaches that I've had is his personality. Ramo is a personal kind of guy, such that he transcend conventional coaching methods-- if anything, he can be described as a life-coach, mentor. What sets Coach Ramo apart? His approach is holistic; he appreciate you as an athlete AND as a person. He takes interest in your athletic goals, dreams, and pursuits as well as in simple (but important) things, like your friend and family life. Not to mention, Coach Ramo is probably one of the most cheerful people one will encounter, which becomes quite evident as soon as you meet him.

To all aspiring soccer players, especially youngsters, I would completely encourage you to get to know Ramo. Allow him to coach you and not only will you improve your skills and abilities, you will begin to see the game differently-- both the game of soccer and life.


Did I mention that he looks and dances like Akon?

Edgar Arceo
Kenyon College -University of Nevada L.V, Eastern Nazarene College

Grateful for your impact

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to say thank you to Ramo for the friendship and blessing he has passed on to our family. I have known Ramo for a number of years in this brief time I have found Ramo to be a very passionate young man ;with a strong drive and sense of purpose. Ramo has been a positive influence on our family with his compassion and honesty, a rare quality in the times in which we live. Ramo has been a friend and an excellent role-model to my son James Jr. Ramo 's background and life experiences give him a unique perspective on life, and Ramo has share these experiences with our family and we feel he is a great blessing with a mission and purpose to make his mark on the world through service to young people. I could go on about what camps Ramo helped my son to reach and his soccer achievements; however the things which were important to our family was that our son be around positive and motivate individuals who would seek to inspire him , Ramo is that person. I could not be happier for Ramo if he was my own son. We wish him a world of success and highly recommend him as a wonderful person who will inspire other to reach their goals in the most important game of all , the game of life.

Thanks Ramo

I'm Brady Roser and I went to the International Tournament of Talence with Ramo's U20 team and spent the month of July in Bremen, Germany trying out for the Bremen U21 side. The tournament in France was extremely fun and a life experience but it also let me see what I was getting myself into and by letting me see what I needed to work on over the next month.
Thanks Ramo

Brady Roser

Thank You Ramo

My name is Hannah Daly and I currently play soccer for the University of North Carolina. Ramo coached me when I was a young teen. Through his coaching he engrained many soccer habits into me that have followed me all the way to college soccer. Ramo taught me the importance of fitness for a goalkeeper or for any player for that matter. He taught me that if a player wants to get to the next level their fitness must be excellent. I remember at fitness practices he would run with us and continue to push us to the next level. Fitness is something that separated me from other players and coaches were able to see that. As a goalkeeper Ramo helped me with my decision making and reading the game. The goalkeeper is the most vital communicator on the field and Ramo taught me how to use precise communication. Without learning these qualities from Ramo, the next level of soccer for me would be unreachable. Ramo taught me many things about soccer, but the main thing he left with me was reminding me that I play soccer for fun. Ramo is a great coach who continued to bring out the pure joy of playing soccer. Thank you Ramo, for helping me develop as a player and remind me of how fun soccer is!

Hannah Daly - Class of 2009
University of North Carolina