What can be said about Coach Ramo-

I first met Coach Ramo at the age of 14, when I was attending a locally competitive summer soccer camp. I later had the privilege of having Ramo train my high school squad during the intense preseason weeks. On both occasions, my experience with Coach Ramo was so positive and beneficial, that I began to attend his individual training sessions. Although I had to get a part-time job to pay for theses sessions, training individually with Ramo was completely worth it! He help me improve, not only in my technical ability, but in my mental and tactical skills as well. He was also really fun to hang out with.

I became so confident in Ramo’s coaching abilities that I left my home town in Nevada to attend college in Massachusetts, where Ramo was coaching. Under Ramo’s coaching, I elevated my game, for he helped me improve my speed of play and bolster my long range shot. Statistically speaking, I had my best college soccer season under Coach Ramo.

The thing about Ramo, however, is that he goes beyond being a mere soccer coach. Yes, he loves the game, and of course he’s passionate about coaching, but what really sets Coach Ramo apart from any of the other 15+ coaches that I’ve had is his personality. Ramo is a personal kind of guy, such that he transcend conventional coaching methods– if anything, he can be described as a life-coach, mentor. What sets Coach Ramo apart? His approach is holistic; he appreciate you as an athlete AND as a person. He takes interest in your athletic goals, dreams, and pursuits as well as in simple (but important) things, like your friend and family life. Not to mention, Coach Ramo is probably one of the most cheerful people one will encounter, which becomes quite evident as soon as you meet him.

To all aspiring soccer players, especially youngsters, I would completely encourage you to get to know Ramo. Allow him to coach you and not only will you improve your skills and abilities, you will begin to see the game differently– both the game of soccer and life.


Did I mention that he looks and dances like Akon?

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