Thanks for the opportunity

My name is Kevin Barry, and I have played for several clubs and organizations for competitive sports since an early age. One of my biggest opportunities however, came when I was 16 years of age, when I was recruited to play in a French division in Boulogne France. This opportunity only arose thanks to the help of a man named Ramo Badohoun. Ramo found me in Anchorage Alaska, where he then trained me for nearly a year prepping me for the level of European play, during which he set up meetings with clubs and organizations for me to have the chance to full fill my dreams as a soccer player. Ramo also arranged air fair, transportation methods, and living conditions. Finally after a year of training under TCSR Academy, led and created by Ramo himself, Ramo accompanied to Europe never leaving my side as I began my journey as a European prospect. Regardless of talent or character, I can honestly say my time spent on my trip was only successful thanks to the training, dedication, loyalty, and over all concern for my well being and career Ramo exemplified for me. Up until the club chose to take me in as a player and make a permanent home for me, Ramo never once left my side. Through out my stay in France I not only had a wonderful time enjoying a new country and all it had to offer but my level of play as a soccer player grew substantially. The level of play compared to that of the U.S was far more superior. Not only was the level of play faster, stronger, more passionate but the level of professionalism I received as far as coaching staff, personal training, and field conditions. Due to the level of commitment Ramo displayed in his connections, I had everything a young athlete could have ever wanted. Ramo also allowed me to stay with his family for the duration of my stay in Europe. Through out this entire process Ramo simply did this out of the kindness of his heart, never asking for anything except for my dedication and simply my best. Due to this experience my overall play was drastically improved, there has been no comparison to the level of college soccer or club ball in my life to the experience of that in Europe. This all transpired at the age of 16 for me. I am proud to say that Ramo has not only been a coach for me but a mentor through out my life not only as a soccer player but for my personal life and the growth of a young man as well. Ramo has help to mold my character and has always taught me to stay humble, regardless of the out come. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, and that can constitute on or off the field. In your daily lives or in the class room, or simply on the field. I can openly say I have made mistakes in my life, that is just simply a part of life. However, I cant ever recall a time I wasn’t able to pick up the phone and call Ramo. Whether he was my coach, or just as a friend, he always answered and always had an answer for me. By joining TCSR Academy, you not only step into an atmosphere of the soccer life and that of those who share the same level of passion for the game as you may, but into a family as well. For every young boy or girl who has ever had a dream of being something more or has dreamed of what they would do if they just had an opportunity, well Ramo can give you that opportunity, if you can give the devotion it may take to get their.  I am proud to say Ramo has been a coach a mentor but, most importantly my friend.

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