Thank You Ramo

My name is Hannah Daly and I currently play soccer for the University of North Carolina. Ramo coached me when I was a young teen. Through his coaching he engrained many soccer habits into me that have followed me all the way to college soccer. Ramo taught me the importance of fitness for a goalkeeper or for any player for that matter. He taught me that if a player wants to get to the next level their fitness must be excellent. I remember at fitness practices he would run with us and continue to push us to the next level. Fitness is something that separated me from other players and coaches were able to see that. As a goalkeeper Ramo helped me with my decision making and reading the game. The goalkeeper is the most vital communicator on the field and Ramo taught me how to use precise communication. Without learning these qualities from Ramo, the next level of soccer for me would be unreachable. Ramo taught me many things about soccer, but the main thing he left with me was reminding me that I play soccer for fun. Ramo is a great coach who continued to bring out the pure joy of playing soccer. Thank you Ramo, for helping me develop as a player and remind me of how fun soccer is!

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