Thank you from the Campbells!

We appreciate Coach Ramo beyond words. However, when we think of Coach Ramo, player development and passion for the game of soccer come to mind. He is passionate about soccer and shares his love for the game with others all over the world. Anita and I are very grateful for his leadership and tutelage of our children. When he talks about the game, his eyes light up! You can’t help, but to get excited about it as well. Ramo commits countless time and energy into helping young people in their development of the game as players. All three of our children have had the opportunity of being coached by Ramo. He would help them learn technical skills during practices and teach them during the game to focus on the play of the game. He helped players to see how soccer was more than just 2 days a week of kicking the ball around. Players had to put in time outside practices and games. They had to put in extra time on their own touching the ball, juggling, and studying the game.  When Ramo brought his TCSR Academy to SoCal Rush, he provided an opportunity for players to become students of the game, both technically and tactically. He would have them focus on drills, juggles, and knowledge of the beautiful game. They would have a notebook where they journaled drills, keeping track of their practices of drills and juggling at home. Being part of TCSR was a commitment. Not doing homework was not an option!  He helped them to see that if they wanted to be better, they had to put in time and energy.

Not only has Ramo had an impact on the lives of our 3 children, but he has also become a friend of the family. Even though Ramo is no longer coaching our children, we still seek his advice when it comes to soccer.  We have had many conversations with Ramo as we had to make decisions for our son Anthony to go to a Developmental Academy team and our daughter Tiara to join an ECNL team. Tiara will be starting her senior year of high school and looking to possibly play soccer in college. Our oldest daughter, Mikayla, is currently a junior in college and received a scholarship to play soccer.

Even though Ramo is no longer in the same town or state, we know the world of soccer is small. He is only a phone call or text away. We are so thankful for Ramo’s willingness to share his knowledge and passion of the game. We know that he will continue to impact the lives of soccer players and their families. Thank you, Ramo, for being a coach and a friend!

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