I met Coach Ramo when I was 9. The very first training day he asked the players to juggle the ball. I could only do 2 maybe 3 before I messed up! He explained to me how important juggling and all the drills he had us do( over and over and over) were and to keep a journal on all those drills. Now I warm up with 1000 juggles . If I ever showed up to training without my journal or without all my homework completed, Coach Ramo has a favorite tree about 150 yards away that I would be sprinting to and back!!! To this day I keep a journal of the drills I do daily! Without Coach Ramo Teaching me all those drills and having me keep a journal I would not be where I am today. I am now 14 and play for a 2003 USSDA team. We just had our evaluations from our coach and he told me I am the best technical/tactical player on the team. I owe all that to Coach Ramo and TCSR Training. He is not only a great coach/trainer but a great friend who comes over to my house so I can beat him in FIFA on the X Box!!!!!!

Thank You Coach Ramo

Hunter Talak

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