Ramo’s impact

Ramo’s impact on me as a player cannot be measured. My name is Jaden Mustacchio and I am a High School senior who is a commit to the University of California, Santa Cruz. I first met Ramo my freshman year in an advanced preseason camp that was hosted at my High School. On day one of the camp, I knew he was a special coach with a ridiculous amount of knowledge and passion for the game. He helped me take massive strides as a player, through his superior technical, tactical and physical training techniques. He showed me to take every game, practice and training exercise seriously, but he made sure and reminded me to always enjoy the game. The intensity of his camps never disappoint, they helped me in every way as a player and prepared me for any situation on the field. Ramo is not only a phenomenal coach, he is a great person, that is easy to get along with which makes his coaching that much more enjoyable and effective. He played a big role in getting me to the next level and I cannot thank him enough. It is with pleasure and honor I recommend Ramo to any player that is seeking to be better.


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