I first met Ramo in the summer of 2007 when we both started working as assistant coaches for the Eastern Nazarene Women’s soccer team.
Right from the off I knew that this was one of the most uplifting positive and fun loving characters that I had ever met in my life.
Ramo has a tremendous uplifting feel about him and he inspires people to do better. That is something I communicated to my eldest son when Ramo recruited him to play soccer at ENC. You cannot help but feel good about things when you are in Ramo’s company which along with his considerable skills as a coach and teacher of the game is the reason I had my high school team do preseason workouts with him.
His love of the game is second to none and he lives to share that love and pass it onto the players he coaches.
I feel blessed to have both worked and played with Ramo and very blessed to be able to call him a friend.
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