Personally like to thank Ramo Badohoun

I would personally like to thank Ramo Badohoun for everything he has done for me in my life. I have known Ramo for almost a decade now and consider him a life long brother and best friend. I was the first member of Ramo’s TCSR Academy when he started the club back in Alaska. He helped prepare me not only for excellence in the sport of soccer, but also provided a guiding hand when it came to make the correct life choices. It was never just about soccer for Ramo, but more about creating a bond that would last long after my soccer career ended. I’ve played on two international soccer tournaments with Ramo as coach. Both tournaments were located in France and provided a wealth of knowledge and experience that I will always be able to use. Aside from club level coaching, Ramo was also my collegiate coach at Eastern Nazarene College for three years. The three years of guidance under Ramo were integral to my maturation process as not only a soccer player, but also as a man. Ramo’s philosophies and teachings have aided me in more ways than can be described. I am deeply thankful that God has blessed me with such an important male figure in my life and I know that Ramo and I will continue to be great friends throughout the rest of life. Thank you very much Ramo.

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