Grateful for your impact

It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to say thank you to Ramo for the friendship and blessing he has passed on to our family. I have known Ramo for a number of years in this brief time I have found Ramo to be a very passionate young man ;with a strong drive and sense of purpose. Ramo has been a positive influence on our family with his compassion and honesty, a rare quality in the times in which we live. Ramo has been a friend and an excellent role-model to my son James Jr. Ramo ‘s background and life experiences give him a unique perspective on life, and Ramo has share these experiences with our family and we feel he is a great blessing with a mission and purpose to make his mark on the world through service to young people. I could go on about what camps Ramo helped my son to reach and his soccer achievements; however the things which were important to our family was that our son be around positive and motivate individuals who would seek to inspire him , Ramo is that person. I could not be happier for Ramo if he was my own son. We wish him a world of success and highly recommend him as a wonderful person who will inspire other to reach their goals in the most important game of all , the game of life.

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