Advising Soccer Parents

Soccer Parents Coaching, Mentorship, or Advising.

We can help you to become a better fan of your child’s passion for soccer and receive some insight that can explain the hidden part of the soccer journey in the life of youth players willing to take their passion to a higher pathway a few only dream. Even though there is no guarantee, certainly having the proper support and tools is the first step in preparing for such an opportunity.

The reality is that most parents are busy doing other things to make a living and to support their kids. The false perception is that we all know what our players needs. Just like all of us know specific apparent law that we must abide by, we don’t get their disclaimer; that is why the lawyer exists. We can fix certain things that seem apparent in our house, but we call professionals for certain things; we see a counselor for various things when an inevitable part of our life required it. We can have much money, but if we want to be successful, a financial planner will be needed, we can do our tax by ourselves, but because the law changes all the time and we are too busy in other departments of life, therefore we are better off getting a tax professional to help us with it. I believe you get my point by now. Of course, each one of these professions can have good and bad people. However, if we are honest with ourselves and keep ourselves grounded, we will notice who is better at providing service. Our soccer business is not any different. It is no secret that each parent indirectly influences their children for the best or the worse, that is just the reality of life. If one decides without substantial evidence, nor having the proper guidance can hindrance your child’s soccer joy.
The world around won’t stop selling us a lot of assumptions or illusion. Many things happen or don’t happen in the soccer journey, and we quick to give it some false conclusion. Some people among coaches, parents, players club officials, all tend to surf on many things that are not accurate, nor the result of one thing. In today’s world, the desire to shine faster, or to get quick and ephemeral success to brag on social media posts, or to celebrate a small victory or accomplishment are pushing many people to take the wrong approach about soccer journey. As most of us have an ego, it is hard to admit that we are wrong and continue to persevere in our bad decision-making because the apparent evidence not studied or understood is telling us otherwise.

Individual Training:
Length of session: 45 minutes to 1 hour
Price: $60 per session for both parents of a child(ren) of the same family.
Where: in Person, Online, Over Phone whichever work, but the first meeting must be in person.

Group Coaching Program:
Length of session
: 1 hour
Session Times: To Be determined
Session Days: Anytime agreed upon during the week.
Price: $400 (10 sessions @ $40) Per Family ( Mom & Dad) for 4 minimum and max of 8 Family per session

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